The Plane Ride EP

Artist: Ryan Crosson

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Release Date: 2005 / 07 / 18
Catalog: ARCH008
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. Bow String
  2. Rye Pickle And Cheese
  3. Blue To Green
  4. The Plane Ride

The future is indeed bright for Ryan Crosson who, for his first Archipel netrelease ‘The Plane Ride’, brings gooey thick minimal funk to all who step aboard this flight. ‘Bow String’ is a hypnotic and spastic ride through torrents of tiny sounds with a hint of reverb and enough bass to down a plane!

Ryan Crosson then brings us ‘Ryepickle and Cheese’ which is another reverb speckled bass heavy bout of turbulance on a very funky flight. ‘Blue to Green’ is deep and throbbing with melted plastic percussion and light chords and gets you up and dancing, feet firmly in the air. Ryan then ends his Archipel debut with the title track ‘The Plane Ride’ which is a gentle and elastic journey through tiny rubber clouds in a sky made of blue jelly air.

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