The Spark Is Lost

Artist: Sul.a

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Release Date: 2006 / 11 / 15
Catalog: ARCH024
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. Shine
  2. Instant Gratification
  3. The Spark Is Lost
  4. Let's Hope
  5. Un Peu De Statique
  6. Until Then
  7. Silicone
  8. Question Mark
  9. Le Cinq Mai
  10. Blankets

Quebec’s Sul.a returns to Archipel with a brand new album “The Spark Is Lost” of dreamy shoegazing vibrations. “Shine” is a hike through forests with sunbeams falling down to the soil below from the canopy above leading to pleasures of hidden creeks flowing and bubbling along which make up “Instant Gratification”.

“The Spark is Lost” gently meanders along searching for the spark which it itself actually is and once realized, walks off with “Let’s Hope” and drifts off for a relaxing nap in a warm patch of origami wildflowers. “Un Peu de Statique” carries one away into a chilly cloud filled dusk sky with a spectrum of raindrops beginning to slip out for the grasp of the atmosphere.

“Until Then” snaps along with melancholy precision through lonely weather pathways in fields of grass looking out towards a sprawling metropolis of glass buildings. “Silicone” dangles its graceful airy feet into ponds full of trillions of tiny glowing creatures moving in sync with the ripples cascading outward into “Question Mark” where the ripples double up on themselves until the surface is still.

“Le Cinq Mai” drives straight through cities of gold in favor of antiquated organic villages of light and takes off into the mystery which lies beyond its crackled exterior with “Blankets”.

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