Thinly Veiled As Music

Artist: Gyges

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Release Date: 2005 / 08 / 09
Catalog: ARCH009
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. 4.44.444
  2. Thin Fiend
  3. Sugrus
  4. Live @ Between Heartbeats 07-29-2005

One release away from number ten, Archipel presents Gyges who debuts his first Archipel netrelease, ‘Thinly Veiled As Music.’ His EP starts of with ‘4.44.444’ which begins as a stuttering soup of deep, warm and humid bass pads and a light kick surrounded by tiny whisps of noise and a low and stab.

It later leads up to gently floating melodies and background noises wrapped in a stuttering veil of subtleties. ‘Thin Fiend’ is a far more chilled escapade into Gyges’ star speckled soundscapes and builds up into a glassy living organism which constantly folds over and through itself within an infinite plane of light pads and stabs which drift off into the subconscious growls of bass and vast fields of static scratches. The last track of Thinly Veiled as Music, ‘Sugrus’ is a sugary wrap of swelling warmth which is somewhat chilled at the same time and is filled with rushing hisses and sweeps of degraded sounds. It constantly swirls and flows straight into the listener’s ambient core and sheds new light on previously unthought of mental landscapes.

While Jesse Somfay’s album launch in Montreal, Gyges played live for us. As a bonus track, you can hear the full set for your own pleasure.

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