Tones Of Void

Artist: Pheek


Release Date: 2015 / 01 / 27
Catalog: ARCH112
Formats: Digital
Genres: , ,
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  1. Vauquelin
  2. Kanaaupscow
  3. Kongut
  4. Maquatua
  5. Piagochioui
  6. Poplar
  7. Wabano
  8. Iktotat

Pheek’s latest LP is an inner exploration of transcendent worlds — as close as one comes to a gnostic revelation in the shadow world of techno. On many levels, this is the kind of techno that, in the creative spheres of electronic music, listeners remain in need of: rhythmic explorations of machinic and cosmic space that suspend time in their repetition. Pheek’s peers are few — the dedicated minimalism and improvisation of his work is perhaps reminiscent of Hawtin’s Concept 96 series, though with a much broader sound palette. The submersion of his sounds cue both Basic Channel but also Christian Morgenstern, without sounding like either. A highly recommended foray into the fearless realms of psychic techno.


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