Why Does Everybody (Move)

Artist: Les Freres Courvoisier, Ten & Tracer

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Release Date: 2009 / 02 / 15
Catalog: ARCH058
Formats: Digital
Genres: ,
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  1. Why Does Everybody (Move) (Vocal Mix)
  2. Sex Island
  3. C'est Soleil
  4. Why Does Everybody (Move) (Instrumental Mix)
  5. Sex Island (Instrumental Mix)

Les Freres Courvoisier are Jonathan Canupp (of Ten and Tracer) and Joshua Smith (Time for Trees) who have come together on Archipel to deliver the mighty funky and sultry “Why Does Everybody (Move)”.

The release is packed to just the right pressure with plenty of jazzy and warm house influences and “Sex Island” is the perfect way to enter into just that particular headspace with its lovely, sleepy yet upbeat, horn melodies wrapped up in foamy ocean spray. “C”est Soleil” hints at its content which is indeed rather sun-kissed and smiley full of warmth which is brought out by lightly shuffling percussion and bright dusty chords with a gentle vocal line sung in French which is woven in and out of the song’s rhythm.

“Why Does Everybody” takes a darker and wobbly feel with skin melting textures curling their way tightly around rather cheeky monotonous vocals which might just be questioning the current state of music with a little wink.

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