Artist: Stefny Winter

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Release Date: 2012 / 04 / 30
Catalog: ARCHPL025
Formats: Digital
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  1. Baby Android
  2. Squeeze
  3. Sketches Of Xanthelea
  4. When The Rain Fell
  5. Blood Orange And Rose
  6. Colors
  7. Soaked
  8. Locust
  9. From Here To There
  10. Tea Minus Milk
  11. Wind Walker

More than often, musicians feel that releasing music is giving birth to a baby but no one knows better than women. Stefny Winter realizes a dream by putting out a collection of meaningful tracks, all made in various important moments of her life. More so, some of the tracks were made while she was pregnant, making this project even more special to her. Coming from the 90’s as a DJ who would juggle between styles, Stefny explores with no compromises or time stamp, her various tastes through time. “Wind Walker” becomes a savory collage of music that won’t really stick to standard styles but will become familiar to any ears.

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