Artist: Bmind, Dee Bufato

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Release Date: 2014 / 02 / 17
Catalog: ARCH104
Formats: Digital
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  1. Reaping Wind
  2. Fragmentos De Paisagem
  3. Iceleaf (Featuring Roger Brito)
  4. Yemj

Slowly slipping through a thick jungle of texture, Bmind and Dee Bufato invite you into their sonic ecosystem. We are entering a living place, lush with its evolving crunches, rattling percussion, clicks and snaps to ensnare the mind. Delicate backdrops of colourful and hypnotic pads offer a great depth of field to an agitated and fluttering chaos, rendering images of tangible instruments in the sound space of. Despite its intricate and cerebral nature, the album flows effortlessly into an organic behaviour thanks to captivating field recordings. A wonderful jazzy allure is unexpectedly welcomed in the second half of the album (thank you Roger Brito). Dreamy melodic modes and uncertain harmonic destinations caused by dark toms bring us to an urban, yet equally natural atmosphere, evoking a ghost city’s rhythmic pulse through vast landscapes. Ultimately, our journey returns to elemental roots, back to an earthy place. Yemj is a trip into a visual landscape rich with instrumentation one can touch and feel. A veritable cinematic approach to a genre easily lost in the circuits of gear.

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